Safe & Valuables

A safe for valuables is available in our rooms and suites at no extra charge.
The electrical outlet in the safe can be used to charge your laptop or mobile phone.

We recommend storing cash and small valuables in the in-room safe.
You may also store your valuables in a separate safe located at the Reception desk at no extra charge. We wish to point out that the hotel can only be held partially responsible for lost or stolen items under the terms of general liability. The hotel accepts no liability for valuables which are not stored in a safe.

Sewing kit

A sewing kit is located in the guest room. For assistance, please contact the Reception.


The Concierge will gladly assist you with stamps or information regarding the proper postage.

Shaving set

In the event that you have forgotten your razor or shaver, our Housekeeping Team will gladly assist you with a shaving set.

Shoe shining service

For a complimentary shoeshine, please place your shoes basket provided in the guest room closet. Please leave the shoe basket in front of the door in the evening. Your shoes will be attended in the night. If you need a shoeshine at any other time, please contact the Concierge.

Ski/ sport equipment

The Kempinski Alpine Sports Shop offers ski-and sport equipment for a charge.


Ski room

The ski room is located on the ground floor. Please use the separated entrance on the ground floor. Your ski shoes can be stored and well temperatured in the ski room.


Ski school

Since winter 2017/2018, the family business from the renowned ski racer Lois Reichholf is the new and official partner of the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol. The ski-school with a 30-year experience in ski instruction offers exclusive services for our in-house guests. Please contact the professional team at the ski school desk next to the Reception.

Ski passes

The Reception will gladly assist you in acquiring your ski passes. For each ticket given out we post a deposit to your room, which will be refunded upon return.


The hotel is according to the Austrian law a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is permitted neither in the public areas of the hotel nor in the rooms and suites. Smoking is allowed and ashtrays are available on the private balcony of all rooms and suites. The Rubin Bar & Lounge features a separate Cigar Lounge with a fine selection of tobacco. We ask for your understanding that a cleaning fee of EUR 150 will be charged for smoking in the guest rooms. For further questions, please contact the Reception.



Like few other destinations, the region around the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol combines sports, outdoor activities and natural beauty.

Summer activities

Golfing, hot air balloon rides, parachuting, canoeing, Nordic walking, climbing, bike tours, horse riding and many more. Our Concierge or Guest Relations Team will gladly arrange your personal program of activities.